About Us

Welcome to Whitehead Recording

This is the best studio in Michigan.   Hell, probably the world. Read more about us.   Or don't, if you wanna be a pussy about it.


Our Equpment

Yeah, we've got the best shit. Way better than that mickey-mouse bullshit you're messing with. You probably don't even have Zildjian cymbals. Idiot.



Want to know how much this is all going to cost? Less than everyone else, and more than you can afford.

Your Session

Your Session

Learn what to expect and how to prepare for your next session. Use our Rule of Thirds to better gauge the cost of your project.

Why Whitehead Recording?

What a stupid question

Because we're the best, that's why, dummy.

We are a professional digital recording facility located in Saginaw, Michigan. We are conveniently located near Interstate 75, yet nestled in a suburban country setting. Whitehead Recording features a dedicated 24-track hard disk recorder coupled with Pro Tools 11, Sonar X3 Producer Expanded, a 32X16 AMR mixing console, and plenty of outboard gear. Add to this state of the art software, along with 30-plus years of experience and you're ready to roll.


What We Do

Besides your Mom

  • Your Mom, mostly.
  • We drink a lot of scotch -- get used to it.
  • We'll probably have to quantize your parts because your timing is terrible.
  • Then we'll tune your vocals because you're tone deaf.
  • We basically turn your awful tracks into something listenable.
  • When we're done, your parents might finally be proud of you after all these years of disappointment. But probably not.

What People Are Saying

Or more likely slurring...

  • "Are those really DW drums? Something looks off."

    Fred Bingham, Amphagas
  • "Bobby G took my garbage tracks and turned them into gold."

    Paul McCartnee, The Beetles
  • "I used to think I was a pretty good producer until I walked into Whitehead Recording Studio. They're on another level."

    Quincee Jones, Producer

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